NBT manufactures telemetry equipment for SCADA and Data Acquisition systems for landfill, water and wastewater and industrial applications.

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Telemetry Equipment Specialists

NBT manufactures telemetry system equipment used in SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and remote monitoring systems.  For nearly 20 years we have provided dependable, cost-effective systems and components used in the water and wastewater, landfill and remediation industry. Our products include:


  Low Cost Telemetry Equipment for I/O Signal Transmission

   (SM300 MTU/RTU)

  Programmable Logic Controller

   (SM800 Series, Smart PLC, RAPLC)

  License-Free, Spread Spectrum Wireless Radio Modems

   (SR900 and TSR900 Series)

  Leased Line Modems


Equipment Accessories

  Expansion Modules

   (SM800 Series)

  Display and Entry Module

   (SM800 Series)


   Omni, Yagi, & Whip


  DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) Server Control

  SM800 Series PLC - Programmer

  SM800 Series PLC - Visual Graphics Add-On

  SR900 Series Spread Spectrum Radio - Configuration

  Real-Time Monitoring (HMI)

  Real-Time Report Generating for Excel

  Historical Database Reporter for Access

  CSV to Excel Converter

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