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Telemetry Equipment Accessories

SM800 Series Expansion Modules

Basic I/O

Provides expansion for up to 120 additional points in modular increments.  A total of 15 expansion modules may be connected on the SM800 Series expansion bus, each individually addressable via jumper.  The first module connects directly to the SM800 unit with a 26 pin ribbon cable.  Subsequent modules are successively daisy chained from the first, also with 26 pin ribbon cables.

High Speed Change Detect

Insures capture of very short duration pulses for alarming purposes.  The module can be configured to capture Off-On transitions, On-Off transitions, or both.  Eight points are available per module.

High Speed Counter

Provides both pulse count totals and pulse rate registers for 4 inputs.  The remaining 4 registers are standard digital inputs.  The maximum pulse rate is 2 KHz.

SM800 Display/Entry

The display module is an easy-to-use operator interface for the SM800 Series that can display configured points and parameters with no additional programming required.  You can view real time status, change set points, and perform control over the analog and digital I/O points.

This display can also be used in a BASIC program mode where user defined text messages can be displayed.  Example:  "Communications failure with remote tank #1 has been detected."

Display selection and data entry (which can be protected by key lock or other methods) are accomplished via four arrow keys next to the LCD display.

The module is panel mountable (3" x 7") and has an LCD display of 4 x 20 characters.  Up to two display modules may be connected to one SM800 unit.


NBT provides 3 different types of antennas used with the SR900 and the TSR900 license free, spread spectrum radios. 

NBT antennas include:

A - Omni - Non Directiona

B - Yagi - Directional

C - Whip - Flexible (for indoor use)

Additional Accessories

Cables and Connectors - See Catalog

Surge Protection - See Catalog

Cavity Filters - See Catalog

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Basic I/O

Expansion Modules

Digital Input (8 points)

Digital Output (16 or 8 points)

Analog Input (8 points)

Analog Output (4 points)

SM800 Display/Entry

Analog Display Fields:


Current Value


Hi Limit/Low Limit

Digital Display Fields:


Current Value


Run Time

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