NBT manufactures telemetry equipment for SCADA and Data Acquisition systems for landfill, water and wastewater and industrial applications.

Telemetry Products for SCADA & Data Acquisition Systems

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Telemetry Hardware Equipment

Dependable, long-lasting, cost-effective; that's how customers describe NBT telemetry, SCADA and data acquisition equipment.  Whether it is a landfill, remediation, water and wastewater or other industrial application, NBT telemetry equipment will give you years of accurate remote process control.

Available NBT Telemetry Components:

Low Cost Telemetry Equipment for Input/Output Transmission

   SM300 Series - Master MTUs and Slave RTUs

Programmable Logic Controllers

   SM800 Series - PLC, logging, remote monitoring, control,

   and  communication capabilities

License-Free, Spread Spectrum Wireless Radios

   SR900 Series - Reliable, cost-effective interface for any point-to-

   point and/or point-to-multipoint serial equipment operation

   TSR900 Series - Same features as the SR900 plus built-in input

   output capabilities

Leased Line and Wireless Modems

   XMOD15 - 1200 baud analog modem used to interface virtually any

   serial RS232 communications to leased line or radio

Telemetry Equipment Accessories

   SM800 Expansion Modules

   SM800 Display and Entry Module


   Cables and Connectors

   Surge Protection

   Cavity Filters

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NBT Telemetry Equipment

  Eliminates man-hours needed for on-site data collection and/or visual inspections

  Monitors and controls remote processes from a single master location

  Generates reports to meet compliance issues

  Saves time and reduces maintenance/construction costs

  Replaces buried cable systems

  Integrates easily into any Modbus compatible telemetry SCADA system

  Easy to configure & use

  Future expandable