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Telemetry Modems

Bell 202 Radio Leased Line Modem

The XMOD15 is a 1200 baud analog modem used to interface virtually any serial RS232 communications to leased line or radio.

It can be used with any equipment that has an RS232 output and is capable of RTS (request to send).  This includes all NBT telemetry equipment and many programmable logic controllers.

This BELL 202 half duplex modem supports multi-drop operations, over 2 or 4 wire radio or leased line.  Only one station can transmit at any given time.  In a polled environment, the remote stations transmit when they are requested to do so (RTS).

Works with most protocols, including Allen-Bradley DF1.

Wireless Modems

SR900 and TSR900 Series

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XMOD15 Analog Modem

Line I/F: 2 or 4 wire transformer coupled 600 ohm (with transient protection)

Capacitive-coupled Rx/Tx audio option for radio applications

Isolated or Mic Input PTT

Serial connection: Standard RS232 via DB9