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SM800 Programmable Logic Controller

The SM800 Series Telemetry PLC combines the functionality of a data logger, a programmable logic controller, and a communications controller into one powerful, cost-effective unit.  With this PLC-RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), you can check conditions, perform control or reprogram anytime, from any location and any alarm or event can trigger a call to your PC, fax or pager.  It can be used for one or multiple sites.

Data Logging - The SM800 continuously tracks performance of any equipment or process over an extended period of time.  The unit stores 5,600 events (22,000 optional) including a date and time stamp and data can be transferred into Microsoft Excel, Access or any DDE compatible software.

Remote Monitoring & Control - The SM800 allows you to monitor various points in a single piece of equipment, a complex process, or a complete facility.  You can perform real-time control and/or program the unit to control any point in the system as well as have the control based on arithmetic calculations such as Min./Max. totalization, runtimes, etc.

Communications - Every unit has 3 communication ports: two standard RS232 and either a RS485, RS422, RS232, a telephone or a radio modem.  This allows the SM800 to be configured in a system within a hierarchical network in which remote units can communicate with each other as intelligent nodes on a network.  The peer-to-peer capability allows remote units to call out to other units on a timed basis and/or alarm condition.

Alarming - When user-defined events are detected, the SM800 sends notification so remedial action can be taken. It calls up to six numbers including a PC, FAX and pager. Choose one of seven different report formats for direct alarming / reporting to any FAX.

Functional and Versatile - The programmable logic capabilities, and internal BASIC compiler allow the user to perform virtually any computation. User friendly programming with a "Fill in the Blank" spreadsheet is easy to understand. This ensures the proper performance of your equipment or process. No need the learn complicated programming languages. Once programmed, connection to your equipment or process is simple.

Proven and Supported - Thousands of units in service for government agencies, utilities, OEMs, Engineers, and Integrators. The SM800 is currently performing a diverse range of tasks from water and wastewater system monitoring to site remediation, data logging and alarming.

Base I/O Options

2 Digital In, 2 Digital Out, 4 Analog In

4 Digital In, 3 Digital Out, 1 Analog In, 1 Analog Out

Expansion:  Up to 15 I/O Modules

Expansion Modules Available

8 Pt Digital In

8 Pt Digital Out

16 Pt Digital Out

8 Pt Analog In

4 Pt Analog Out

4 Pt High Speed Counter

4x20 Display/Entry Interface Module

The SM800 Series and the SM300 Series are fully compatible with each other and have been used together in a variety of telemetry, SCADA and process control applications providing:

Communications and control capabilities of PLC's

Recording capabilities of data loggers

Alarming capabilities of dialers

Combined with our complete line of telemetry hardware and software products, NBT is the "smart choice" for all your telemetry, SCADA and data acquisition and/or process control system needs.

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SM800 Series PLC

SM800 Series Remote Accessible Programmable Logic Controller

Remote Accessible Programmable Logic Controller

Control capability

Recording capability

Alarming capability

Direct reports and alarms to PC, fax or pager

Open architecture with low cost remote I/O

Use with leased line, dial in modem or wireless radio connection

Modbus protocol

Can be ordered separately or as part of a complete system


SM805-A AGA 3 Gas Controller

SM805-P Pump Controller

Expansion Modules

Display/Entry Interface

(Model DISP01)

Display Bracket

(Model DISP01B)

Operator Interface Display (Model OPTERM1)

6" Touch Screen

(Model OPTSBW6)

SM800 Series Product Data Sheet

SM800 Series User Reference Manuals