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SCADA Case History, SCADA System Monitors Remote Natural Gas Production Facility

SCADA System Monitors Natural Gas Production Site

Objective: Automate 24 Pemex sites in Villa Hermosa, Mexico using Radio Telemetry

This particular project involved using Radio Telemetry to monitor remote gas production sites.  The operators needed a central PC to retrieve the production data, view site status, and perform shut downs.  Data included AGA-3 calculations from the flow computer (SM805-AGA-3).

NBT designed, documented, assembled, programmed, and tested the complete system in the factory.  Just 5 weeks after receipt of the order, NBT shipped a complete, turn-key SCADA system that matched the customer's specifications.  Once received, the mostly Spanish speaking engineers, used our documentation to install and start up the entire system.  The SCADA PC was also set up and started without on site factory support.

The original PEMEX system with 24 RTUs has been in and running with NO telemetry equipment problems.  An additional 4 systems with over 250 RTUs have been added since the original installation.  Other gas production monitoring systems are in varying stages of completion.

Most systems integrate bits and pieces of hardware and software from different sources.  This is normally required to meet the varying specifications between systems.  NBT telemetry equipment has the built in flexibility and functionality to fulfill the requirements of virtually any system.  From electric and gas applications to industrial, landfill, and municipal utility applications, we have a solution.  Additionally, all NBT products feature an industry standard Modbus protocol which ensures open connectivity to any new or existing system.

NBT supplied products are engineered and tested to work together long before you get them and are backed by unequaled support.  NBT telemetry automation hardware and/or SCADA software provides complete control over any field operation, from monitoring vital signals, levels, and temperatures, to performing control functions and complex calculations.

If you want quality and functionality backed by a company with over 20 years experience manufacturing telemetry hardware, contact NBT and talk with a telemetry specialist today.

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Picture of Natural Gas Production Equipment with SCADA Remote Monitoring Equipment

Pemex Natural Gas Production Site